aka Kristin Williams

  • I live in AZ,Phoenix
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is Telepathic Ability/Geologist
  • I am Female
  • Kriseee11

    About Me

    October 10, 2013 by Kriseee11
    1. Ablities 
    2. Astral Project@Telepathy
    3. Super-Human
    4. Super-Smart 
    5. Knowing What's Right from Wrong
    6. Don't Get caught

    7.Don't Get Killed

    My name is Kristin Elizabeth Williams like right now I can quiet my mind a Think and Do what kind of Missus of Power I can Astral Project and use Telepathy to know my future and what scares me more is that Trusting someone like my self to Complish something like this it's not easy to become one person that Hate on both sides will easliy can cause Madness.

    1. Trustworthy 
    2. Missus Of Power

    Trying to Get Right

    Knowing what's out there Believing is Seeing to Complish and for lifetime Worth.

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