The Tomorrow People Season 2 Episode 1: Exactly one year after Son of Man, the Tomorrow People have moved out of the former Ultra Head Quarters and it has been abandoned for around six months. All paranormals are now living in an old hotel they bought and renovated. On the one year anniversary of the end of The Shadow War, Cara, Stephen & Russell decide to visit the building to remember the day that changed all of their lives forever. They walk around the building for a while and end up in the main control room where they find a huge spray-painted sign reading "THE RUFUGE" as one of the tomorrow people had written it when they used it as their lair for a while. Stephen then tells Cara and Russell that he needs to go somewhere and he'll be quick. He then walks to the room that used to house The Machine. He notices that the Ultra employee scanner to unlock the door is still there. He then reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out his card and unlocks the door. He feels both depressed and pleased at the same time: depressed because he knows his father died in that room, and pleased because it was the site of the end of The Shadow War. While he's in there, he sees a switch on the wall, he walks over to it and flicks it a couple times but nothing happens. He shrugs this off. Cara then asks where Stephen is(telepathically) and he answers by simply teleporting to them and not telling them where he was. After they left, the glass in the Machine room started to smash and an earthquake appeared to happen. Then a rather big portal(like the on Hugh Bathory got sucked into on Son of Man). Bathory then flies out of the portal(closing it) as he has returned from Limbo and has not aged a day since he got TK'd into the portal in Son of Man. He then gets up from the ground, walks towards the door as the camera pans past he as he walks by. The episode ends there...

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