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Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller Girl Interrupted
Portrayed by Burkely Duffield
First Seen Girl, Interrupted (flashback)
Last Seen Girl, Interrupted (flashback)
Episode Count 1
Powers None
Species Homo sapiens
Date of Death 2008
Occupations Student
Status Deceased

You wanna get out of here? Go some place little more quiet?
— Tyler to Cara in Girl, Interrupted

Tyler Miller was a boy from Cara's school who tried to rape her.

He was portrayed by Burkely Duffield.


Season OneEdit

In Girl, Interrupted, Tyler and his friend were at a school dance when he starts talking to deaf girl who is revealed to be Cara. They then start making out in a car, when Tyler goes past Cara's comfort zone, and she leaves. He then chases her down and she defends herself but as a result, she accidently kills him due to her breaking out, and she is later arrested.



Physical AppearanceEdit




Appearances (1/22)Edit

Season 1




Gallery Edit

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