This article is about the fictional species Homo superior colloquially called "Tomorrow People". For the Tomorrow People TV series, see The Tomorrow People.

Tomorrow People
Group of people
Basic Information
Founder: Roger Price (deceased)
Type: Homo Superior
Leader(s): Roger Price (formerly; deceased)
John Young (formerly)
Cara Coburn (second-in-command)
Stephen Jameson
Russell Kwon (third-in-command)
Powers: Powers and Abilities
Population: At least 200 (just in New York)
Status: Extant

Tomorrow People or Homo Superior are the next evolutionary step in humankind, a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities. The Tomorrow People are being hunted down by the paramilitary organization of scientists known as Ultra, led by Hugh Bathory.



Stephen & Cara's TeamEdit

On their ownEdit

Julian Masters' Tomorrow People GangEdit

Natalie's GangEdit

Red AvengersEdit

Ultra EmployeesEdit

US GovernmentEdit

  • John Young (leader of the Tomorrow People, formerly and currently; brainwashed)



Power and AbilitiesEdit

Main article: Powers and Abilities


Main article: Powers and Abilities#Weaknesses

Season OneEdit



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