Portrayed by James Landry Hébert
First Seen Brother's Keeper
Last Seen Brother's Keeper
Episode Count 1
Powers None
Species Homo sapiens
Date of Death 2014 in Brother's Keeper
Occupations Assassin
Family Cyrus (twin brother)
Status Deceased

You thought you could convince me to betray my own brother. What do you know about the bonds of blood.
— Nathan to Jedikiah in Brother's Keeper

Nathan is Cyrus's twin brother. The twins are a hitman team, in which Nathan does the dirty work, because he is not one of the Tomorrow People. Cyrus gets captured by Cara and her people and Nathan is capured by Ultra.

Jedikiah offers Nathan the TP powers with the catch that he needs a donor, his brother Cyrus. Doing the procedure however would mean death for Cyrus. Nathan takes the deal but it all turns out to be a ruse created by Cara to take out Jedekiah. She’s given Cyrus a gun which Nathan pulls out when they hug before the procedure and uses to kill several agents. Cyrus uses his powers to knock down Hillary and Stephen which lets Nathan to choke Jedikiah. But Hillary manages to tranq Nathan but an Ultra agent kills Nathan and Cyrus gets away. Nathan tells Jedekiah that he would never betray his brother like that before he finally dies.

He is portrayed by James Landry Hébert.



Season OneEdit

In Brother's Keeper,



Physical AppearanceEdit




Cyrus is his twin brother, who also is one of the Tomorrow People.

Appearances (1/22)Edit

Season 1





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