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John Young
Portrayed by Luke Mitchell
Mitchell Kummen (young John)
First Seen Pilot
Episode Count 19
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Age 27-28
Occupations Agent of Ultra (formerly)

Leader of the Tomorrow People (formerly)
Second-in-command of The Tomorrow People

Significant Other Cara Coburn
Family Jedikiah Price (father figure, formerly)
Status Alive

I hate you for what you made me.

John Young is the former leader and a member of the Tomorrow People who specializes in teleportation.

He is portrayed by Luke Mitchell.


John Young is the cool rebel leader with a troubled past who is searching for his place in the world.

John had a very troublesome upbringing. He was in a foster home  with several other kids and an aggressive alcoholic father who abused him verbally and physically. He had to steal food just to feed his family. John was taken to Ultra by Jedikiah Price where he was trained in all his abilities.

In the episode Kill Or Be Killed, it is revealed that John has the ability to kill because he was part of a lethal experiment called the Annex Project. The prime barrier of his brain that stored his inability to kill was fried. This experiment was successful for him, unlike many other participants, but John soon left Ultra because Jedikiah was making him kill, something he is against.

Early LifeEdit

In Kill Or Be Killed, it is revealed that Jedikiah found John in foster care. At this point, John already had good control of his abilities and was using them to steal food for his foster siblings. Not much is known about his parents or the events before Jedikiah found him, however it is made clear that his foster father is physically and verbally abusive. Jedikiah removed John from the home, paying his foster father compensation for taking him away. John was then trained at Ultra with fellow young Tomorrow person Killian McCrane. The two often trained together and became friends. John later returned to his foster home revealing to his foster father that he had powers, this leads to John being attacked by his foster father. Jedikiah interupts this altercation by shooting his foster father and taking John back to Ultra for training. 

In Sitting Ducks, in a series of flashbacks, teenage John is shown using his abilities to defend his friend from being robbed. After he admits this to Jedikiah, he is forced to watch as the man is killed from inside a car.

Season OneEdit

In the Pilot, John is introduced to be the leader of the tomorrow people. He has hope that Steven will be able to find his father and lead the Tomorrow People to a safe land. When Steven starts working for the Jedikiah, John becomes mistrustful of him. Towards the end of "In Too Deep", John becomes more trustful of Steven, suggesting that he shoud work Jedikiah as an inside man, spying for the tomorrow people. 

In Kill Or Be Killed, Killian McCrane, an old friend of John's, comes out of hiding by blowing up a series of buildings across the US. At first it is thought that Killian was trying to kill Jedikiah, but it is soon revealed that the person he wants is John. John and Steven track Killian to a warehouse over a Youth Orchestra auditorium. Killian plans to blow it up mid concert. Killian easily takes out Steven and truns to fight John, asking him about why he left Ultra and what Jedikiah did to make John turn away from him. Killian proposes that John joins him, that together they can get revenge on Jedikiah and the company. John refuses and Killian leaves John and Steven with six bombs to disarm simultaneously. 

Jedikiah asks to meet with John in order to discuss how to take down their mutual enemy, Killian. John reluctantly agrees to work with him. John tracks Killian to a parking lot. During their fight, Jedikiah sends in Alpha unit, a killing squad, to take out both John and Killian. John and Killian relocate away from the Alpha unit and contiunue fighting. Killian bates John telling him that Jedikiah didn't give him the gift that he gave to Killian, that John can't kill him so John can never win the fight. John then shoots Killian, revealing that Jedikiah did the same thing to him as he did Killian, that John can kill. 

At the end of this episode, John teleports into Jedikiah's car, confronting him about his betrayal. During their conversation, John states that he left Ultra because Jedikiah made him kill, telling Jedikiah that he hates him for what he made John. The conversation ends with John telling Jedikiah that the tommorrow people are not running anymore, that they will do anything to stop him. 

During this episode flashbacks reveal how John met Jedikiah.

In All Tomorrow's Parties, the tomorrow people want to go topside, and get out of their underground hiding place in order to relax for the evening and have fun. John is against the idea, stating that it is too dangerous. He and Cara make a deal to spa, whoever won the spa would get there way. Cara wins and the tomorrow people go out for the evening. John joins them, after some persuasion. Their night out is ambushed and three of the group are killed. During his escape, John kills a man in front of Cara, revealing to her that he was part of the Annex experiment. She becomes very angry with him for not telling her.

In Sorry For Your Loss, John accompanies Russell to his fathers funeral.  While John is gone, Cara sleeps with Steven.

In Thanatos, Jedikiah is held hostage in the rebel's subway station. Through flashback scenes in this episode it is shown how John became a killer and that Johns first assignment was to kill Steven's father.   

In Death's Door, John is captured by the company and tortured by the founder for information about where the tomorrow people are hiding. Jedikiah and Steven rescue John. Later in the episode John is asked to kill Steven in order to send him to Limbo, the place where his father is.

In The Citadel

In Rumble,

In Sitting Ducks, John is shot in the lower abdomen while protecting Astrid from the Ultra agents, who were about to kill her.

In Things Fall Apart, John is still recovering from his wounds. When Ultra threatens Stephen, he goes against Cara's orders to help him by delivering the Founder's daughter to Ultra as Stephen was meant to. However, this action, despite saving Stephen, led to Cara exiling him from the Lair as punishment.

In Brother's Keeper,

In Enemy of My Enemy, After being kicked out of the Tomorrow People (by Cara), John gives he's new friend Astrid some comfort, advice and helps her face her fears. In return, Astrid gives advice to John about facing his fears (which she didn't know about) and that leads John to go back and join the Tomorrow People.

In Superhero,

In Endgame,

In Smoke and Mirrors,

In Modus Vivendi,


John is very disciplined, this could be due to his time spent training to be the best agent at Ultra. It is hinted that John's training was very rigorous. He is often very cautious, always remembering that his species is at risk. John is also very focused and rarely loses sight of the goal of his mission. He has good control of his emotions and can sometimes appear detached, though he becomes angry when the safety of his group are threatened. John can be stubborn, bossy and arrogant at times. However, when training Charlotte, he was very caring and kind, perhaps because when he was younger he didn't recieve the same treatment. He cares for her like a daughter.

Physical AppearanceEdit

John is about 6'1 inches tall. He has pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.He is a very attractive figure.


Cara CoburnEdit

John is in a romantic relationship with Cara. Their relationship is often complicated by trust issues. Early in season one, it is revealed that John is hiding something in his past from the rest of the tomorrow people, including Cara. There relationship is further complicated when Cara finds out that John can kill in "All Tomorrow's Parties". Cara is very angry that John has been keeping this from her. In 1x06 "Sorry for Your Loss", Cara sleeps with Stephen. When John finds out about this in episode 7,"Limbo", it causes further waves in the relationship.  After Limbo it seems that Cara and John fall further and further apart and in "Things Fall Apart" Cara ends things with John and kicks him out of the Lair. She asks him to come back in 1x14, saying he was the one person she would sacrifice everything for, that he was her family and that she missed him. He coldly refuses claiming she just wanted an assassin at  her disposal but he returns in the next episode to save Charlotte from Ultra. She asks him not to go saying it's a suicide mission. He admits that he still loves her and since they have  developped a strong emotional and sexual relationship.

Jedikiah PriceEdit

John and Jedikiah have a complicated relationship. Fifteen years before season 1 of the Tomorrow People, Jedikiah takes John away from his foster home, giving his abusive foster father money as compensation for removing him from the home. (1x04 Kill or be Killed.) He then takes John to Ultra to train him in his abilities and in hand to hand combat. During this time Jedikiah becomes like a father to John. In 1x08 Thanatos, Jedikiah is held hostage by the tomorrow people, during this time Cara senses that Jedikiah cares a great deal for John and even loves him like a son. This episode also reveals that towards the end of Johns time at Ultra he volunteered for an experiment, this experiment would genetically alter John's DNA in order to allow him to kill. The experiment was very risky and many people had a low survival rate, however John still underwent the experiment to make Jedikiah proud of him.  Later in the episode it is revealed that Jedikiah assigned John to kill his trainer and Jedikiah's brother, Roger. John completed the task, this assignment partly caused the rocky relationship between Jedikiah and John. John felt manipulated by Jedikiah and felt that Ultra turned him into something he wasn't, a killer. In 1x09, John gets captured by Ultra, Jedikiah and Steven both assist his escape.

Stephen JamesonEdit

John and Stephen seem to have a very antagonistic relationship. John does not like Stephen's methods of by which he chooses to work with Ultra, nor does he like to agree with him. When they need to work together, they will, but they think very differently. As the show progressed the two eased up on each other even if they still are at odds sometime. John watches out for Stephen as a favor to Stephen's deceased father. Later on in the season it shows that John and Stephen have been getting along.

In Things Fall Apart, It shows at the end of the episode that Cara kicks john out and he seems to have moved in with Stephen.

Russell KwonEdit

Russell and John are good friends.

Astrid FinchEdit

In Death's Door, there appears to be brief flirtation between John and Astrid as they stare at eachother. In Sitting Ducks, John offers Stephen to protect Astrid because he thought Stephen was being paraniod and knew what happens to human the knew too much about the Tomorrow People. He was right and protects Astrid when Ultra attempt to kill her. She sings to him and removes the bullet that John was hit with when he teleported her to safety. In Enemy of My Enemy, Astrid is plagued by nightmares after her near-death experience and is afraid to go outside. After being kicked out of the Tomorrow People (by Cara), her new friend John gives her confort and helps her face her fears which cause them to laugh, hug and a kiss on the cheek which Astrid gives John. In return, Astrid gives advice to John about facing his fears (which she didn't know about) and that leads John to go back and join the Tomorrow People.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - The power to move things or people with your mind.
  • Telepathy - The power to communicate with others through each other's minds.
  • Teleportation - The power to teleport oneself or more people to another location. John specializes in teleportation. During his time at Ultra, he spent a vigorous amount of time training, which especially strengthened his teleportation. John has shown he can teleport at such speeds he can be in at least five places at once, although this seems to cause incredible disorientation and fatigue. 
  • Hand to hand combat - John is shown to be an extremely adept fighter, and is seen on many occasions taking down multiple opponents, usually Ultra agents.
  • Killing - Due to the Annex Project John was given the ability to commit murder whilst he was working for Ultra, which ultimately led to him leaving Ultra.

Appearances (19/22)Edit

Season 1


  • Some time before the show events, John was an agent for Ultra.
  • Before John left Ultra, he was a part of the project that was to discover and destroy the part of the brain that stopped the Tomorrow People from killing.
  • While in foster care, he stole food for his foster sibings because his foster dad spent all the money on alcohol.
  • John is one of the few Tomorrow People who can kill.  Only two others have been shown to possess this ability.
  • He built the super computer, TIM, after leaving Ultra to assist the Tomorrow people.
  • John's surname, Young, is a testiment to Nickolas Young who portrayed John (who was given no surname) in the orginal British series.  Ironically, this actor also appeared on two episode of the first season.


John [to Stephen]: You're not the only one who had a human life. Ask Cara about the little sister she left behind. We all made sacrifices, Stephen, but somehow, you think you're special.

 {{{'Fear doesn't have to own you, fear is something you can control'

John to Astrid, 1x15

John [to Stephen]: Getting inside your head is just the beginning. You haven't even scratched the surface of what they can do! As long as you're down here, none of us are safe!

 'Everyone dies Astrid. All you can do is make sure you're wearing the right shoes when it happens.'

John to Astrid, 1x15}}}

John [to Cara]: Hey, get out of my head. Dark place, don't wanna be there.

 {{{'After finding you and building this place up from nothing, together, turning it into a shelter and then a home for us...Can't you see? This is where I belong. By your side no matter what happens to us.'

John to Cara, 1x15}}}

John [to Stephen]: Jedikiah's goal is to eliminate our species from the face of the planet. I worked there, Stephen, I know!

 {{{John: 'You know what the scariest part of this whole thing was? Having to look you in the eye and see what we've lost. It's terrifying. I guess that's why I couldn't bring myself to come back.'

Cara: 'There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm still here. We're all still here.'

John: 'I feel like everything we've worked so hard to build here is somehow broken.'

Cara: 'Then we will build it again. Together.'

John and Cara, 1x15}}} John: "Fear doesn't have to own you. Fear is something that you can control." John giving advice to Astrid, 1x15

John [to Jedikiah]: I trusted you like a father, and you used me!

John [to Jedikiah]: I am not your son.

 Cara : 'Oh my god...that was....'

John: 'Long overdue!...What?'

Cara: 'I'm just not sure about this whole sleeping together and working together.'

John: 'I respect your authority in and out of the bedroom.'

John and Cara in a hotel room after having sex, 1x16

John [to Jedikiah]: Listen, I'll make you proud.

 Russell as Cara and John enter: 'Looks like someone just had a horizontal jaunting match!'

John: 'Can it, Russell!'

John and Russell, 1x16

John [to Jedikiah]: I hate you for what you made me. Jedikiah [to John]: I made you strong, perfect!



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