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“ Astrid, when I kiss you next time, it's not going to be because the world is ending. ” — John to Astrid in Kill Switch

“ Astrid, when I kiss you next time, it's not going to be because the world is ending. ” — John to Astrid in Kill Switch

In death's door they were looking at each other flirtatiously and we could see the bond forming.

In sitting ducks john took a bullet for astrid but asrtid took it out and sang to him in fear of him dying.

In Death's Door, there appears to be brief flirtation between John and Astrid as they exchange looks. In Sitting Ducks, John offers to protect Astrid because she knows about Stephen's powers, and John knows from personal experience what happens to humans who know about paranormals. He was right and protects Astrid when Ultra attempt to kill her, taking a bullet before teleporting them nearby. She removes the bullet and sings to him. In Enemy of My Enemy, Astrid is plagued by agoraphobia after her near-death experience and is afraid to go outside. After being kicked out of the Tomorrow People by Cara, John gives her comfort and helps her face her fears which causes her to kiss him on the cheek. In return, Astrid gives advice to John about facing his fears (which she didn't know about), which leads John to go back and re-join the Tomorrow People. In Kill Switch John, after having his powers taken away by Ultra, meets her to warn her about the impending doom for humans engineered by the Founder. Astrid points out that his powers were not what made him special and takes him to task for giving up so easily. After he saves her from an oncoming taxi, she kisses him. Later, he gives her his lucky jacket and says he'll come back for it. In Son of Man, John again seeks out Astrid's company under pretense of leaving town with her, but they decide to stay and help the Tomorrow People in their assault on Ultra headquarters. They kiss again, and are frozen in that position until the Machine is stopped. Two weeks later, they are seen together on the subway exploring topside New York City.

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